Benefits & Career Opportunities After Obtaining Qualification

Financial audior’s skills and powers

professional skills

ability to analyse and synthesise


rigorous attitude


concentration ability

interpersonal skills, diplomacy and discretion

ability to work under pressure

digital skils & IT

ethical behaviour

Benefits of an audit career:

Solid qualifications: As many other accounting jobs, the earliest years of your audit career shall be divided between work and studies to become a financial auditor.

Job Safety: Ensuring a safe working environement for auditors even when there are tough working conditions for companies and economy, in general.

Intelligent colleagues: Becoming a financial auditor requires commitment and intelligence. You will find a lot of extraordinary people working in the audit.

Competitive salary

Good career evolution

 What does an audit career stand out for?

Audit is suitable for people who want to understand the business world and enjoy interaction with customers.


Interaction with clients: Auditors work in different companies for a couple of weeks, which means you will always meet new people. An audit firm is built on client satisfaction, so if you like the challenge of diplomacy, this is the profession for you. To do your job, you need to build good working relationships and be firm when you need – but always polite and friendly.

Exposure to business: As an auditor, you will see the internal works of a wide range of different companies. You need to understand what is the specificity of the company, how it works and why it has made specific business decisions. If you are interested in how businesses work, you will appreciate the understanding you get from an audit career.

Analytical Thinking: As you progress in your career, you will find that the audit is more than just checking some numbers. You will have to give opinions on whether the financial statements are correct and justified. It requires an in-depth analysis and business knowledge, applied under the pressure of time.

Possibility to travel: Auditors spend a lot of time in the clients’ offices – which can be anywhere in Romania or around the world.

Stability: It is the most stable and secure accountancy domain. Although you have to deal with a number of different companies during performing your work, each audit activity has similarities. Once you know how to do it, you can improve yourself even more. And you can be sure that the audit will always be an important milestone since it is a legal requirement.