The Chamber’s mission is to build, on a solid ground, the identity and the public recognition of the financial audit profession in Romania, having as a main objective the sustainable development of the profession and its strengthening, in accordance with the Auditing Standards and with the Code of Ethics and professional conduct, by fully assimilating the International Standards on Auditing and the Code of Ethics issued by the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), that will allow the Romanian financial auditors to provide high quality services, for the public interest, in general, and for the business community, in particular.

In order to accomplish its mission, the Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania set the following objectives:
  • To permanently develop the Romanian financial auditor profession, by assuming the responsibility of protecting the public interest, seeking to be sure that the financial auditors, CAFR members observe the highest professional and ethical standards developed at the European or at the international level;
  • To represent the financial auditor profession both at the national and international level and to promote the professional interests of the financial auditors, CAFR members towards the public institutions and the national and international professional organizations in the area;
  • To seek that the financial statements audit services performed to be of a higher quality, by permanently developing the quality assurance system, and at the same time ensuring the participation of the financial auditors and of the trainees in the financial audit to the continuous education and training programmes organized by the Chamber on an annual basis;
  • To seek the CAFR development, the promotion of its trademark, the protection of its members’ welfare and interests, for the benefit of the financial auditor profession in Romania;
  • To permanently seek to ensure the necessary conditions for the financial auditors, CAFR members, to independently practise the financial auditor profession;
  • To permanently communicate with the financial auditors, CAFR members, to identify and meet their needs in an effective manner and in due time, ensuring this way the necessary support to perform high quality financial audit services that meet the requirements of their clients;
  • To actively and permanently promote the best practices in the area for the improvement of the financial audit services provided and to identify the trends in the Romanian and international financial audit services market which can impact the profession and to timely advise the financial auditors about the best conduct they should have;
  • To make people aware about the role of the Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania and to promote the cooperation with the Ministry of Public Finance and with other state institutions, and professional bodies in the area with the objective to develop the accounting profession in our country;
  • To educate the public on the financial auditor, CAFR member, role and mission and to promote their involvement in all the areas of the profession.