International Relations


Marketing, Communication and International Relations Department has the following responsibilities:

  • drafting and monitoring the implementation of the marketing plan, and the image and communication strategies
  • initiating campaigns to attract and win the loyalty of CAFR’s members;
  • setting the timeline for the advertising activities, based on the already-existing activities;
  • planning and customizing the products/services offered to the members;
  • coordinating advertising campaigns;
  • coordinating market surveys;
  • designing advertising and communication materials for the organization;
  • coordinating the information content of the organization’s website;
  • performing PR activities;
  • analyzing the impact of the advertising tools;
  • editing the quaterly edition of “Practici de Audit” Journal;
  • editing the monthly edition of “InfoAudit” newsletter
  • analyzing other professional bodies in the field and identifing the strengths and weaknesses of their products;
  • analyzing advertising offers and identifying the  most cost-effective ads;
  • designing the advertising materials (ads, leaflets, offers, etc);
  • direct collaboration with advertising and media agencies;
  • designing marketing surveys, collecting data and statistically processing the data in order to apply them, writing marketing survey reports;
  • coordinating the drafting, based on the information held or provided by the other internal divisions of the Chamber, of the documents required for the Chamber to adhere to relevant professional organizations;
  • organizing events to promote CAFR;
  • monitoring the execution of the partnership agreements concluded between the Chamber and foreign institutions that activate in the field of statutory audit and the fulfillment in due time of the obligations CAFR undertakes based thereon;
  • fulfilling organizational activities required for the participation of the Chamber’s representatives to both internal and international events;
  • drafting briefings on relevant audit-related events in order to be presented ot the magament representatives of the Chamber and its members;
  • monitoring the collection of the information required and filling in, in due time, on behalf of the members of the Permanent Bureau and the Council, the forms required for attending international, European and local meetings that are relevant for the statutory audit activity;
  • translating relevant materials, issued by international bodies, or other required documents, into Romanian;
  • translating materials drafted by CAFR into English or French in order to present them to international bodies or other stakeholders abroad;
  • monitoring the setting up and preservation of the Chamber’s good repute before public authorities, members and relevant organizations, and other new audiences;
  • ensuring the dissemination of information regarding the institution’s image towards the management and the staff and liaising between CAFR departments and other third parties.


Marketing, Communication and International Relations Department:

Chamber of Financial Auditors of Romania
Address: Sirenelor 67 – 69, Sector 5, Bucharest (PO 5, Box 83)
Phone: +4031.433.59.21